2022 Georgia State Convention

Do you want to learn something new? We’ve got you covered. There will be many workshops both Friday and Saturday to choose from. We will have Intro to: Contra, Plus Dancing, HEX Squares, DBD (what’s DBD, come find out), and Advance.

What is the Relaxed Mainstream Hall? This Hall is designated for our newer dancers or those that may like a slower pace of dancing. This Hall will feature Line Dancing between Tips. We invite all our recent Mainstream Graduates to join us in the Relaxed Mainstream Hall. Saturday we will have a Dangle Dance, come join the fun!

Will there be an Advance Hall? Yes, we have a dedicated a Hall nightly for our Advance dancers. This Hall will feature HEX and Advance.

What about Round Dancing? Our dedicated Round Dance Hall has been moved to a larger room this year in the Chattahoochee Room. This Hall will have wooden flooring for dancing. The Round Dance Program will begin Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm.

I like to dance fast. We will offer High Energy Dancing and get ready – Hot Hash for the extreme dancing experience.

What is a Dangle Dance? During this dance there will be Fun Tips where you can earn a special dangle to add to your badge. Once the Dangle Dance is complete you can purchase a “Fun Dangle” to hang from the Badge Vendor on the 2nd Floor of the Civic Center. This is a fun session, with some unusual calling and dancing such as the Venus Dance – dancing without hands.

What are HEX Squares? Hexagons or HEX Squares are a method of having six couples dance from a six-sided “at home” formation. Standard Hexagon “at home”.