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Dixie Crier Advertising

Dixie Crier Newsletter is an educational bulletin of the Georgia State Square Dancers Association, Inc. Each issue contains Georgia and regional club information to include general club contact information, dances, and more.

The Dixie Crier is produced four (4) times a year and distribute electronically:

Spring Issue (March, April, May, some of June)

Summer Issue (June, July, August. some of September)

Fall Issue (September, October, November. some of December) Winter Issue (December, January, February, some of March.)

Dixie Crier Advertisement Rates

Please upload your camera ready ad by using the form below.  ONLY DOC, DOCX, and PDF files are accepted.

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Please note: your ad will not be published until payment has been received. In order to receive the reduced GSSDA Ad Rate, your GSSDA Membership as a Club or Organization must be current.



GSSDA Member Rate

Non-GSSDA Member Rate

Business Card

3.5″ x 2″

Member 7.50

Non-Member 15.00

Quarter Page

3.75″ X 4.75″

Member 15.00

Non-Member 30.00

Half Page Horizontal

7.5″ X 4.75″

Member 30.00

Non-Member 60.00

Half Page Vertical

3.75″ x 10″

Member 30.00

Non-Member 60.00

Full Page

7.5″ X 10″

Member 50.00

Non-Member 100.00