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Dixie Crier Article Submission

Dixie Crier Newsletter is an educational bulletin of the Georgia State Square Dancers Association, Inc. Each issue contains Georgia and regional club information to include general club contact information, dances, and more.

The Dixie Crier is produced four (4) times a year and distribute electronically:

Spring Issue (March, April, May, some of June)

Summer Issue (June, July, August. some of September)

Fall Issue (September, October, November. some of December) Winter Issue (December, January, February, some of March.)

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN ARTICLE OF INTEREST, CLUB NEWS, ETC.? Items of interest, club news, and comments from GSSDA members and member organizations are always welcome and will be published – without charge – as space permits. They must be legibly written or typed using Times New Roman, 12 Font. The submission should be around 300 words or less, and of interest to all dancers.

Submissions must be signed to be published. The document must be sent by mail or Email. If sent by email, an electronic signature is acceptable. Please note that GSSDA reserves the right to omit, condense, or rewrite any items submitted. Please Mail or Email items of interest, club news, comments, ads, and address changes to address listed below. Submission Deadline is the 15th of January, April, July, and October.

Dixie Crier Article Submission

Please upload your article with the form below.  ONLY DOC, DOCX, and PDF files are accepted.